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FinaleStrauss FinaleStrauss 13 October 2019


People are so rude and they are so nice and rude to you go to get the chance and to get a hold you and i is not

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Nataliaward Nataliaward 1 February 2019


Hey guys, this vandalism has to stop. It was cute at first when it was all in good fun, but now it's using racist terminology and generally unpleasant words, which just isn't appropriate behavior for a Wikia like this. Please stop turning this site into a giant can of spam.



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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 21 December 2015

About infoboxes

I was going to have them have the most recent version of each character, but with the recent reboots being almost constant, I decided it would be easier for each infobox to have the very first design for each character.

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 24 September 2015

Wikia Adoption

Hello, I'm PyroGothNerd, I formatted the home page, and would like to do more for this wiki, but some of the things I'd like to do require adminship, so I'm thinking of adopting the wiki.

Is anyone opposed to this?

I have experience admining multiple other wikis.

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 14 November 2013

2013 Candyland?

I've been seeing pictures about a 2013 version of Candyland, but I can't find any credible sources stating that it is real. Here's a blog post describing the game

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 3 November 2013

The Great Lollypop Adventure Candy Eating Game!!!!

Okay, so I watched The Great Lollpop adventure on-line, and came up with a candy-eating game (instead of a drinking game)

The list includes substitutes for some of the items in case needed or preferred

  • Some sort of minty candy (peppermints, peppermint patties, BUT NOT GUM!!!)
  • Gingerbread (or some other kind of cookie)
  • Caramel (Butterscotch, if you have braces)
  • Licorice (Twizzlers if you prefer)
  • Lollypops (Everlasting Gobstoppers if you prefer)
  • Gumdrops (Skittles if you have braces)
  • Taffy (Smarties or pixie stix if you have braces)
  • Brownies (or blondies)

Note: Make sure to have a lot of each to make sure you won't run out of any of them (hint: you'll need a lot of licorice)

  • Eat Minty Candy everytime someone says "aughta gotta"
  • Eat Gumdrops everytime Jolly …

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 31 October 2013

QUEEN Frostine

Anyone else think Frostine should be turned back into a queen at the very least? She had that staff of awesomeness, and looked like something out of a fantasy film.

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