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Candy Land: 50th Anniversary is a special edition box set of the popular board game series, commemorating the 1949 original. It should not be confused with the 1999 version of the game, which was released the same year but has significantly different art. The next major revision to the Candy Land board would be the 2002 version.


This special edition of the game completely reimagines the setting and its characters, while remaining completely faithful to the 1984 redesign layout. The storybook presentation and art style make the world of Candy Land feel more like a classical fairy tale, in contrast to the cartoonishness of the other 1999 version. Many of the characters are redesigned to feel more realistic, less stylized and more like people wearing imaginative costumes. The colors are soft plush tones invoking a sense of comfort and nostalgia. One might almost believe there is some ancient traditional quality to these characters designed 15 years prior after a corporate buyout.

The Candy Land Kids are a notable inversion here, presented as gingerbread children while the rest of the board becomes more humanized. This is a nod to the classic character tokens. Plumpy takes a more relaxed pose, sitting against the now more creepily human-faced Gingerbread Plum Tree. Mr. Mint and Jolly both feel more overtly clownish, like circus performers or court fools. Jolly has the most startling change, presented as a short human not an unidentifiable creature. Lord Licorice is presented more as an aristocratic dandy and decidedly less sinister. The architecture of Licorice Castle is also modified, now appearing as a formation of crenellated turrets. Gramma Nutt, Princess Lolly, Queen Frostine, and King Kandy all share characteristics in their redesigns. They appear less rounded and more slender, while their costumes are less covered in candy and more appropriate to a medieval context. Gloppy alone remains unchanged and true to himself, always in style, always fabulous.





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