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Candyland: The Great Lollipop Adventure is a 2005 traditionally animated adaptation of the 2002 edition of the Candy Land board game. It was released direct-to-DVD by Paramount Home Entertainment on 2005 in North America.


This is the story of the game “Candy Land,” where a gingerbread boy named Jib, as he travels the Rainbow Road in search of the annual Sweet Celebration only to discover that the nefarious Lord Licorice has hatched a plan to turn the brightly colored land into a licorice-hued expanse. Now it’s up to Jib and his friends Mister Mint and Princess Lolly to foil the villain’s dastardly plot and save the citizens of Candy Land from certain drabness.

The festival of sweets is coming up, and all the areas of Candyland must bring a gift to put in The Circle Sweet.

Princess Lolly is given the honor of using the scepter for the ceremony, but whines that she doesn't want to do it. She soon loses the scepter to some of Lord Licorice's goons.

Meanwhile, Mamma Gingertree sends her son, Jib to deliver their sweet, her frosting. Jib runs into Mr. Mint and Jolly, before overhearing Lord Licorice's plans to use the scepter to take over Candyland, and teaming up with Lolly to get it back.


The film's voices were recorded in Canada.



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