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The Candy Land VCR Board Game is a multimedia children's toy in the Candy Land franchise.


This production is based on the 1984 edition of the popular board game series. It includes a VHS tape that children can watch on their VCR as part of the gameplay. The tape itself is roughly 30 minutes long with four separate stories, crudely animated mostly through zoom and panning shots of still illustrations. Unfortunately the voice actors appear to be uncredited. There are also two different sets of cards available for two different types of games, color games and picture games.

Candy Land VCR Board Game Who's Been Eating My House

"Who's Been Eating My House?"

Who's Been Eating My House?[]

This is a color game.

The Big Yellow Sun wakes up in the morning. The Candy Land Kids visit Gramma Nutt to help water her popcorn flowers. They are shocked to find giant bites taken out of her Peanut Brittle House. Unsure of what to do, they visit King Kandy who is having the Royal Painters repaint Candy Castle. Together they follow the clues to Gumdrop Mountains and question Jolly Gumdrop. The trail leads them to Plumpy at the Gingerbread Plum Tree, then to Princess Lolly at Lollipop Woods. It is discovered that the true culprit was Lord Licorice, who confesses to the crime and apologizes. King Kandy, apparently the sole arbiter of the Candy Land justice system, declares Licorice "guilty of illegal munching of property not owned by you" and sentences him to fix Gramma Nutt's house then repaint it for her.

Candy Land VCR Board Game Lonely Old King Kandy

"Lonely Old King Kandy!"

Lonely Old King Kandy![]

This is a picture game.

King Kandy is very sad and lonely, living alone in Candy Castle. He summons the Royal Messenger and sends out a decree, that he will give a reward to anyone who can cheer him up on his birthday. The Royal Messenger first encounters Gloppy, who is carrying a load of candy in a wagon for some reason. King Kandy does a number of mundane household chores to prepare for his guests such as mopping the floors, raking his yard, and cleaning the moat. Jolly visits and gives him a ball as a present. Mister Mint gives him a bicycle. Gloppy gives the King a drum. Plumpy gives him an empty basket, and Princess Lolly gives him a beautiful flower. King Kandy briefly enjoys all of these items, but quickly grows tired of them, and returns to his fugue of depression. Finally the Candy Land Kids arrive without a gift, and offer instead their friendship. King Kandy announces this gift has finally made him feel better, and tries to reward them with the key to the royal treasure room. They decline the reward, saying they just want to help celebrate his birthday. Everyone gathers for a feast of strawberries and ice cream. Jolly makes music using his horn while Mister Mint accompanies him by blowing into an empty bottle. Gramma Nutt brings an enormous cake, and King Kandy says it is "the best birthday anybody ever had."

Candy Land VCR Board Game Lord Licorice's Surprise

"Lord Licorice's Surprise!"

Lord Licorice's Surprise![]

This is a color game.

Lord Licorice, in Licorice Castle, asks Jolly and Plumpy to deliver a basket of licorice for Queen Frostine. He claims to have a wonderful surprise for them when they return. They get lost in Lollipop Woods while debating what the surprise might be. Princess Lolly helps them, but they get stuck in Molasses Swamp. This time Gloppy clears the terrain by making a giant splash, allowing them to escape. They make it to the Orange Soda Sea, where Mr. Mint offers the use of his rowboat. Finally they reach Frostine on Ice Cream Island, who says Licorice was playing a trick on them. She already has a lot of his licorice. Using her magic wand, she teleports them home to the Gingerbread Plum Trees. They are shocked to see that the trees have been picked clean of plums. In Gumdrop Mountains, Jolly's best gumdrops have been stolen or eaten. Jolly and Plumpy make it back to Licorice Castle, where they confront Lord Licorice carrying the stolen items. He is caught red-handed.

Candy Land VCR Board Game Don't Say Fluffypuffer

"Don't Say Fluffypuffer!"

Don't Say Fluffypuffer![]

This is a picture game.

A strange creature called the Fluffypuffer arrives in Candy Land, apparently carried there by balloons. It introduces itself to Mr. Mint, then duplicates into two bodies when Mint repeats its name. Across the meadow, King Kandy and Queen Frostine are having a picnic. Mint arrives and tries to warn them about the Fluffypuffer, accidentally saying its name which causes both creatures to split and duplicate again. Gloppy, nearby on his rowboat, attempts to explain what happened to the Candy Land Kids and triggers more asexual reproduction. King Kandy summons the Royal Messenger, then orders him to tell everyone not to say Fluffypuffer. The horde of creatures doubles in size again. Gloppy warns Jolly not to say Fluffypuffer, and the creatures overrun the royal gardens while playing a game of baseball. Frostine assembles several objects for a ritual, and casts a spell returning the Fluffypuffer to its original singular form. They celebrate with a feast involving cake and ice cream, even inviting the Fluffypuffer to attend.




  • This game establishes Jolly's full name to be "Jolly Gumdrop."
  • This game establishes that Queen Frostine is in a romantic relationship with King Kandy.



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