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Candy Land (1962), also subtitled A Sweet Little Game for Sweet Little Folks, is the third version of the popular board game series. It was preceded by the 1955 version of the game, and followed by the 1967 version of the game.


The 1962 edition builds on its predecessor with identical art to the 1955 board in many places, but some noticeable changes also. The unnamed children have changed to be less cartoonish and slightly more photorealistic. There are now 134 spaces, down from 179 in the earlier versions, and the spaces are slightly bigger. The logo in the center of the board which debuted in the previous version is now at the top, making room for a larger Gingerbread Plum Tree, which now contains even more chocolate snack cakes but has added back in some scattered plums. The Gingerbread Man, unofficial mascot for the series at this point if it can be said to have one, is now receiving greater stage time and even name-checked in the rules. He has been promoted from a mere space on the board to a part of the tree, and now a distinctly visible character smiling at the players.





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