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Candy Land (1967), also subtitled A Sweet Little Game for Sweet Little Folks, is the fourth version of the popular board game series. It was preceded by the 1962 version of the game, and followed by the 1978 version of the game.


The 1967 board is dramatically more ambitious than its predecessors. It is the largest board so far with three folding sections. The locations stay true to the original version, but the entire layout has changed a lot. The plain white background has been replaced with blue gradients of sky, and actual scenery. There is a greater sense of depth to this Candy Land with giant desserts behind the logo lining the bottom. Interestingly, there is also some non-candy scenery. Once the children get “Home Sweet Home” the mountains behind their house appear to be simply mountains. The unnamed children are once again drawn in a more realistic fashion, also appearing to be slightly older than they have in previous editions. Gingerbread Man, the long-suffering figure on box art for the series, finally gets his moment in the spotlight with a section named directly after him. The traditional Gingerbread Plum Tree is still behind the little man in its rightful place, now back to sporting entirely plums instead of other snacks. The spaces are also drawn with a sense of depth to look more like stepping stones instead of flat tiles. There is an increase in the amount of spaces from the 1962 version, but still less than the 1949 and 1955 versions.





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