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Candy Land (1999), also subtitled A Milton Bradley Game, is a core entry in the popular board game series. It should not be confused with Candy Land: 50th Anniversary which was released the same year but has significantly different art. This edition updates the art of the 1984 version with no substantial content changes. The next major revision to the Candy Land board would be the 2002 version.


This version is not particularly remarkable in the larger scheme. It appears to be mostly a reworking of the 1984 version with a larger board and slightly different character poses. In most cases the characters have been made more physically active, attending to tasks rather than standing and waving. The board feels livelier with an increased number of butterflies, and a squirrel can be seen for the first time gnawing on a peanut.

Gloppy, Jolly, and Plumpy are now seen actually holding and eating their respective foods. Gramma Nutt is harvesting her peanut crop, possibly to do some home remodeling. Mr. Mint is hard at work with his axe chopping down candy canes for some unknown purpose. Princess Lolly appears to be dancing. Queen Frostine gestures like she's casting a spell. Even King Kandy is throwing some jazz hands into his usual beckoning stance. The biggest changes are made to Lord Licorice, who now looks a little more like Errol Flynn and less like Dick Dastardly. The structure of Licorice Castle has also been updated, changing from pointed medieval spires to onion domes more typical of something like Mughal architecture.





  • The artwork for this edition of the game has received criticism for the unnatural way the children are holding hands.[1]



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