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Candy Land (2014), subtitled The Classic Game of Sweet Adventures, is a core entry in the popular board game series. The previous major revision was the 2013 version of the game. The next major revision would be the 2021 version of the game.


This edition is unusual for being produced only a year after the previous one, and also sharing the exact same board shape. Some have speculated that the 2013 edition was unpopular, and this quick revision is attempting to course-correct. It seems to provide a deliberate contrast with the intense kawaii maximum sugar rush vibe of its predecessor. The board has a stripped down acoustic feel in comparison, with a return to more traditional designs. This is emphasized by the word "classic" in its subtitle, "The Classic Game of Sweet Adventures."


DISCLAIMER: This version of Candy Land does not include traditional labels on the board, which makes it difficult to catalogue. Some names are verified in the supplemental materials. Others listed here might be assumptions based on past versions until a proper source can be identified.



  • The characters in this game are not listed on the board, but their names are verified on the tie-in mobile app Candy Land: The Land of Sweet Adventures.



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