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Candy Land (2021), subtitled The Classic Game of Sweet Adventures, is a core entry in the popular board game series. The previous major revision was the 2014 version of the game.


This edition of the game makes several large changes to the board, while retaining a lot of the previous version's artistic style with some extra sparkles. It continues the trend of a more simplistic and less crowded Candy Land in contrast to some of its other recent predecessors (2002, 2010, 2013). It is notably the shortest version to date with the fewest number of spaces by a wide margin. The historically all-white characters are also now a more diverse group.

Frostine is now Queen Frostine again, having been portrayed as "Princess Frostine" on every board since 1999. Nana Nutt has been replaced by an entirely new character, Duchess E. Claire. There is no villain. This is the first Candy Land board not to feature Lord Licorice since his debut in 1984. There are also no non-human characters other than the Gingerbread Movers. Lord Licorice has been replaced by a new incarnation of Jolly, redesigned to appear more like a human man and less like an unidentifiable creature.






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