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Candy Land Adventure is a 1996 computer game set in the Candy Land Universe. It was followed in 1998 by a sequel, Candy Land: A Child's First Game Comes to Life.


The Game starts in Mr. Pops Candy Shop which is on the brink of closing due to its lack of candy, after Mr. Pops goes to his back room to answer the phone, a crank machine in the form of King Kandy releases a gingerbread man named Captain Cookie, whose asking for the players help in restoring Candyland, as it's being taken over by Lord Licorice or there won't be any candy to fill the candy shop.

Upon arriving in Candyland, the entire Candy Castle had turned into a licorice castle and Gloppy is residing in the swamp surrounding it, asking to bring back six candies so he can help the player and Captain Cookie get in. Around Candyland, Lord Licorice had brought chaos to each of the six lands, causing distress for the residents residing there. He brought on a tickling spell onto the Gingerbread Plum Tree's causing them to giggle, destroyed half of the Peppermint Forest causing the animals to scatter, caused a rock candy landslide in Gumdrop Mountains resulting in Jolly getting trapped, destroyed bits of the Peanut Brittle House, melted the Lollipop trees in Lollipop Woods by overheating the Tropical Sun and washed away all the colors in Ice Cream Seas. Luckily the player and Captain Cookie were able to fix all of it and get the candies to feed to Gloppy.

After reaching the Candy Castle, the Player gets King Kandy out of his prison in a game of puzzle break and after freeing the king, they are rewarded with candy to save Mr. Pops Candy Shop. The Game ends with the residents of Candyland singing a Thank You song before Lord Licorice shows up proclaiming sour power rules before landing in the molasses swamp, making everyone laugh.




  • Almost the entirety of the voice acting for this game was done by Loni Manella and John St. John.



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