Candy Land Wiki

There have been many children's books based on the Candy Land board game series and multimedia franchise. This list might not be complete. I am doing my best here. Do you have any idea how hard it is to track these things down? I do not get paid to do this. God. It started out as some research for an art history class project, but that's long over now. Why am I still obsessively cataloguing this stuff months later? I'm a 30 year old man. What bizarre form of undiagnosed mental illness do I have that drives me to do this in my free time? We will probably never know. If you know of any Candy Land books that are not listed here please add them.


  • Candy Land: Birthday Surprise
  • Candy Land: Colors (2021)
  • Candy Land: The Colors of Candy Land
  • Candy Land: Happy Birthday, Princess Lolly!
  • Candy Land: Have You Seen King Candy?
  • Candy Land: Lord Licorice
  • The Candy Land Mystery
  • Candy Land: The Official Cookbook (2023)
  • Candy Land: Sweets and Treats
  • Mad Libs Junior: Candy Land
  • UNIT:E (2011)
  • Welcome to Candy Land