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Candy Land Lotto is a revised version of Candy Land using a spinning wheel instead of the traditional board. It is visually based on the 80's version of Candy Land. It was later re-released as Candy Land Wheel.


It is uncertain if the laws of time and space apply within the world of Candy Land LOTTO, given the lack of the classic Candy Land road and labeled locations we cannot assume space applies, however the presence of a spinning wheel does give credence to the possibility of time's existence. However, due to the lack of supporting materials this remains unverified. (unverified)


The characters in Candy Land LOTTO are based on the art from the 1984 Candy Land. They are presented on the board in a circular pattern in the following order.

  1. Gloppy
  2. Princess Lolly
  3. King Kandy
  4. Lord Licorice
  5. Mr. Mint
  6. Queen Frostine
  7. Candy Land Kids
  8. Gramma Nutt


DISCLAIMER: This version of Candy Land does not include labels for the various classic board locations, which makes it difficult to catalogue. We can however assume that the board bearing the candy land brand name infers the location of Candy Land itself is canonically present within the world of Candy Land LOTTO. However, this has been listed as unverified until the time that additional sources can be provided to verify this assumption.

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