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There is little directly known about the cosmology of the Candy Land Universe. Candy Land as an entity has had numerous incarnations since its debut in 1949, many of which do not seem to have a consistent prevailing logic. This has lead to a number of conflicting theories.



This is the belief that all Candy Land stories belongs to a singular cohesive over-arching narrative, featuring consistent characters/settings over time. Any differences between versions could in theory be explained by unknown events happening between editions. For example, Mr. Mint is portrayed standing upright in the 2014 edition then using a wheelchair in the 2021 edition. A compatibilist interpretation would say these are both the same character, who possibly experienced an accident or unknown medical issue in the interim. Lord Licorice is shown over the course of decades living in a castle, then the forest, then a lagoon with a pirate ship. A compatibilist would assume these are not separate iterations, but the story of one man's economic decline and fall from respectability.

Generational Cycles[]

Similar to compatibilism, this theory posits a cohesive single narrative, but suggests that the characters and settings might change over time. The differences between versions could be explained as generational counterparts. It is possible that "King Kandy" and "Lord Licorice" are titles passed down over the years via royal lineage. This would mean the story of Candy Land is not a conflict between two men, but an ancient feud between the House of Kandy and House of Licorice.

Multiverse Theory[]

It is possible that the myriad Candy Lands depicted are not one universe, but a multiverse of alternate realities. They might be able to co-exist at the same time on different planes of existence or vibrational frequencies. This theory removes the need to reconcile conflicting stories and allows for the potential of separate worlds to crossover with sufficiently advanced scientific means.[1]

Shifting Timelines[]

This theory posits that all Candy Land stories take place in the same universe, but the discrepancies can be explained by distortions in time. The circumstances of the characters might change without them even realizing due to temporal fluctuations outside their control. For example, Plumpy is a valued member of his community, but when he disappears in 2002 it is like he never existed at all. Why do his comrades not mourn him? This raises a number of further questions. Are these causality disturbances harmless or perhaps leading towards some greater crisis? Are they a natural phenomenon, or is there perhaps some sinister motivating intelligence behind them?


  • Some Hasbro materials have suggested that Candy Land, or a version of it, might exist in a shared universe with other Hasbro properties.[2]




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