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Candyland 2013

This version of the Candy Land board game was released in 2013.

One of the notable changes is that this version has a spinning wheel instead of play cards. The game pieces are anthropomorphic sweets instead of kids. The illustrations were designed by Caramelaw. The characters were redesigned and are in new appearances and careers. Characters absent from Candy Land: The World of Sweets have returned with redesigns.


This revision received criticism from parents and older fans. Many people were upset that Princess Lolly's redesign is too suggestive, as well as changes from older revisions.

Others felt that the board was too busy, having no negative space whatsoever, making it poorly designed artistic wise and graphic-design-wise.



  • In the app Hasbro Arcade (discontinued in March 31, 2016), the mini game Candy Land Sweet Match was themed after this revision.