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Frostine, also known as Queen Frostine and Princess Frostine, is a character in the Candy Land Universe and a major figure of the Candy Land board game series. Her original associated location is the Ice Cream Sea.


In her first appearance, there is little known about Queen Frostine or her relationships. She is described as "warm-hearted" and spends her time on an "Ice Cream Float" in the Ice Cream Sea.[2][3][4][5] Her relationship with King Kandy and his daughter Princess Lolly is ambiguous. They are seen sometimes eating meals together and going on picnics, but the King lives alone in Candy Castle. Queen Frostine is also shown with the ability to use magic, both preparing rituals and wielding her sceptre as a wand.[6] She has assisted the Candy Land Kids in tracking down a kidnapped King Kandy on multiple occasions, but does not get personally involved.[3][7]

Later, she is shown as Princess Frostine looking noticeably younger with blonde instead of white hair. This incarnation shows her gracefully ice-skating on Snow Flake Lake, which is not actually a candy or dessert. She is emphasized as "beautiful" rather than warm-hearted.[8] It is established that in this form she considers King Kandy to be her father.[9] The Princess is next shown living in Ice Palace, another non-dessert.[10] This is later changed to Frosted Palace, returning her ice cream aesthetic. It is also explained that Princess Frostine has become a fashion designer.[11][12]

Frostine has since become Queen Frostine again, occupying a new territory called the Ice Cream Peaks. In this incarnation she is a Black woman.[13]


  • There is little known about the parameters of Frostine's magical powers, her abilities and her upper limits. She has been shown teleporting others using her wand, and once performed a ritual binding the Fluffypuffer in its original form.[6]




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