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The Gingerbread Men are a race of humanoid figures made out of gingerbread residing in Candy Land.


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  • It is unclear whether Gingerbread Men have a concept of gender and how they reproduce or gain sentience. The word "men" could refer to individual gender identity, but also simply to their species in a similar usage to "mankind." They do mostly wear adorable little bowties which could indicate deliberate gender presentation, but this is looking at them through a real world lens that might not apply to the internal logic of the Candy Land universe. Since the debut of Candy Land, artists like Janelle Monae have also made huge strides in redefining the bowtie as gender-neutral clothing. In conclusion while this wiki does use the collective title "men" to refer to them, that should not be taken as a definitive statement on the gender pronouns of any individual gingerbread people.




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