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Gloppy is a character in the Candy Land Universe and a major figure of the Candy Land board game series. His associated location is originally the Molasses Swamp, then later Chocolate Swamp and Chocolate Mountain.


In his original appearance, Gloppy is described as a "kindly Molasses Monster who is definitely more goosome than gruesome." He occupies the Molasses Swamp, where travelers sometimes get stuck. It is unclear where the swamp ends and his body begins, but he sometimes travels on dry land wearing a tie that emphasizes his humanity.[1][2][3][4]

Gloppy is later seen as a chocolate-based creature living in a place called "Chocolate Swamp."[5] In this form he is next shown occupying a high position on Chocolate Mountain, the home of Gramma Gooey.[6]


  • Gloppy appears to have been phased out of the game for unclear reasons. There was an attempt to update him for modern audiences, switching from molasses (a relic of the original 1949 board) to chocolate.[5] He was demoted to a secondary role on the board, appearing as a side character with no name listed.[6] At the time of this writing he has not appeared in the three most recent versions: 2013, 2014, and 2021.
  • Gloppy's introduction in the 1984 game is completely ambiguous about gender, in line with Gloppy's androgynous appearance.[1] However, later media refers to Gloppy using He/Him pronouns.[7]




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