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Humans are a bipedal primate species. It should be noted that the term "human" as used for the purposes of the Candy Land Wiki is an assumption based on physical appearances and not typically used in-game. Candy Land is a largely unknown realm and its humanoid residents might identify differently or have significantly different internal biology.


It is unclear exactly how humans rose to power in Candy Land. They seem to have a mostly friendly relationship with the other species of the realm, although this varies based on individual disposition. The royal family of Candy Land appears to be entirely human, which implies that there is adherence to some sort of caste system.[1]


  • Most humans in Candy Land have roughly consistent facial features, but some such as Gramma Nutt and Mr. Mint can be identified by a circular red nose. It is unclear if this is an external accessory or possible evidence of a sub-species.
  • The possible alternate biology of Candy Land humanoids is hinted at in the 1999 version. Two children are shown running while holding left hands in a contorted position that might otherwise be considered unnatural.




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