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Jolly is a character in the Candy Land Universe and a major figure of the Candy Land board game series. Their associated location is the Gumdrop Mountains.


In his original appearance, Jolly is seen as a purple alien-like creature wearing poofy garments. They live in the Gumdrop Mountains and work as the "Official Gumdrop Mountain Greeter." When King Kandy is kidnapped by Lord Licorice, Jolly opines that his mountains are losing their color in the King's absence.[1][2][3][4] Jolly has also been shown to do mining work in the Gumdrop Mountains, in charge of a crew with other members who appear to be the same species.[5]

Jolly later helps the Candy Land Kids and Gramma Nutt track down the culprit who has been eating her Peanut Brittle House, which turns out to be Lord Licorice. When King Kandy is sad on his birthday, Jolly visits to give him a ball as a present then attends his party. In another adventure, Lord Licorice tricks Jolly & Plumpy by sending them on a fake errand to Queen Frostine. Lord Licorice steals all their gumdrops and plums while the two are distracted, but they are able to catch him before he reaches Licorice Castle. Jolly was also present for the Fluffypuffer crisis.[6]

Jolly has also been seen in a different incarnation as a short chubby multi-colored dinosaur-like creature. In this form they are known to guide people through the Gumdrop Mountains.[7] Since then, after a long hiatus Jolly has reappeared in a new form again. He is now seen as a human Black man wearing a suit with a bowtie, a derby hat, and an umbrella.[8]


  • Jolly's full name is established as "Jolly Gumdrop" in the Candy Land VCR Board Game.
  • Jolly has had, at the time of this writing, the longest hiatus of a Candy Land character who then made a comeback. Following the 2002 edition they were absent from three different versions of the game.[9][10][11] They did not reappear until the 2021 edition.
  • Unlike most other classic Candy Land characters, Jolly does not have gender pronouns established in The Legend of the Lost Candy Castle.




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