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King Kandy is a character in the Candy Land Universe and a major figure of the Candy Land board game series. His associated location is Candy Castle.


In his original appearance, King Kandy is described as the "Imperial Head Bonbon and Grand Jujube of Candy Land." Princess Lolly is his daughter. Lord Licorice throws the kingdom into disarray by hiding King Kandy and his Candy Castle through unknown means. His absence causes colors to be less bright and music to be less tuneful. The Candy Land Kids are sent to find and rescue King Kandy.[4][5][6][7]

While directing his Royal Painters to repaint the castle, King Kandy is questioned by the Kids about someone eating Gramma Nutt's house. They discover the culprit is Lord Licorice, and King Kandy sentences him to restore the property. King Kandy is later shown feeling very sad and lonely, living in Candy Castle by himself on his birthday. He sends his Royal Messenger to ask every citizen for help cheering him up. Many offer gifts, but the Candy Land Kids ultimately succeed by offering their friendship instead. They are able to celebrate with a birthday feast. In another adventure, King Kandy is seen having a picnic with Queen Frostine. They are interrupted by the Fluffypuffer and must stop him from ravaging the kingdom.[8] Lord Licorice also captured King Kandy a second time and held him prisoner in the dungeon of Candy Castle, until he was freed by the Candy Kid.[1]

King Kandy is later shown in another incarnation with white instead of pink hair. In this version, Frostine is younger and called Princess Frostine, considering King Kandy her father. Lolly is no longer considered a Princess, but a fairy instead.[9][2] Lolly's Princess title was subsequently restored, implying once again that they might be related. This incarnation shows King Kandy as noticeably more slender.[10] The next incarnation shows a fatter King Kandy again, now accompanied by jelly bean guards and at least one gummi bear knight.[11] This show of military force is not present in subsequent versions.[12]

The Kandy family dynamic seems to have changed again, with Princess Frostine returning to the name Queen Frostine and appearing as a Black woman. In this incarnation, Princess Lolly appears to be of East Asian ancestry.[13]


  • King Kandy's birthday is June 5th.[8]
  • King Kandy appears to be the sole arbiter of the Candy Land justice system, with the power to convict and sentence criminals on the spot. It is unknown if there are any constitutional checks or balances limiting his authority.[8]




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