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Lolly, also known as Princess Lolly, is a character in the Candy Land Universe and a major figure of the Candy Land board game series. Her associated location is the Lollipop Woods.


In her original appearance, Princess Lolly occupies the Lollipop Woods. She is responsible for choosing the courageous Candy Land Kids to find and rescue her father King Kandy, who was kidnapped by Lord Licorice. Her voice is described as light and airy like the fluffiest marshmallow.[2][3][4][5]

Princess Lolly assisted Gramma Nutt when Lord Licorice was eating her Peanut Brittle House. When Lolly's father was struggling with depression, she tried to cheer him up with a beautiful flower. She also assisted Jolly and Plumpy when they became lost in the Lollipop Woods while searching for Queen Frostine.[6]

A later depiction shows her no longer being called Princess, simply using the name Lolly. In this incarnation she still wears a crown but also has fairy wings, which she can use to fly. She also wields a new accessory, a magical Lollipop Wand.[7][8] It is later established that this form of Lolly is the Princess of the Faeries.[9]

The next incarnation shows her once again with the name Princess Lolly, now looking older and residing in Lollipop Palace. She is surrounded by her sugar fairies, and is known for loving to make people giggle.[10] Following this, she is seen still residing in Lollipop Palace but now with a more child-like appearance again.[11]

Princess Lolly is later seen occupying another new location, Lollipop Lane. In this incarnation she appears to be of East Asian ancestry.[12]


  • Princess Lolly's relationship with Queen Frostine has changed significantly over the years. In their original appearance together, Frostine is implied but not outright stated to be Lolly's mother.[3] This changes when Frostine is de-aged to become a princess, while Lolly is changed to be a fairy instead of a princess.[7] It changes again when Lolly is restored to her royal status, making them possibly sisters.[10] Frostine is later returned to her former status as Queen, once again implying a maternal relationship.[12]




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