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Lord Licorice is a character in the Candy Land Universe and a major figure of the Candy Land board game series. His associated location is originally Licorice Castle, then later the Licorice Forest and Licorice Lagoon.


In his original appearance, Lord Licorice is said to live alone in Licorice Castle with his Bitter Chocolate Bats. He is described as "always gloomy, ever grim" with a heart "as hard as rock candy." Through unknown means, he managed to hide King Kandy and Candy Castle, causing the land to fade in color. The Candy Land Kids are sent by Princess Lolly to thwart him. Lord Licorice is known by other inhabitants for his plots and evil plans.[2][3][4][5]

The Kids successfully thwarted Lord Licorice again when they discovered he had been eating Gramma Nutt's Peanut Brittle House. He confessed to his crime, and King Kandy sentenced him to rebuild the property. In another scheme, he sent Jolly and Plumpy on a false errand to Queen Frostine. While the two were distracted, he plundered the Gingerbread Plum Trees and Gumdrop Mountains of plums and gumdrops. Jolly and Plumpy were able to realize this and confront Licorice before he got away with the stolen goods.[6] He later captured King Kandy again, imprisoning him in the dungeon of his own castle. This time he was defeated by the Candy Kid.[7]

Lord Licorice is later seen no longer living in a castle, instead occupying the Licorice Forest. He is described as "nothing like the other sweet characters" in the land, and known for trying to block the way of travelers.[8] Following this, he is shown occupying Licorice Lagoon.[9] His appearance becomes more pirate-like, including a skull-emblazoned ship with a crew.[10] He is next seen in more dandy attire without the ship, but still residing in the lagoon.[11]


  • Lord Licorice was present as the antagonist in every version of Candy Land from his introduction in 1984 until the 2014 edition. The 2021 edition is the first since his introduction not to feature Lord Licorice, including no villain at all.




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