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Mr. Mint is a character in the Candy Land Universe and a major figure of the Candy Land board game series. His associated location is the Peppermint Forest.


In his first appearance, Mr. Mint is described as a "Peppermint Lumberjack" and the "Keeper of the Royal Peppermint Forest." His job is to chop down the peppermint trunks, which he then carves into musical instruments such as whistles and flutes and piccolos.[2][3][4][5] He also clears the paths for travelers. Sometimes he is seen with a Snow Beaver as a companion.[6]

Mr. Mint is later shown abandoning his traditional garb: his mostly red-and-white clothes, his clownish red nose, and his signature axe. Briefly he adopted a more colorful look with a flamboyant hairstyle and cowl, plus ice skates.[7] At one point he lost the red-and-white entirely, wearing just a simple green jacket.[8] Eventually his name would change to Mayor Mint, implying that he has begun a successful career in politics. Mayor Mint is seen using a peppermint wheelchair with sledding capabilities.[9]


  • Mr. Mint was replaced by the Duke of Swirl in the game's 2010 edition for unknown reasons.
  • Mr. Mint has mentioned being a member of the "Royal Minted Police" which is a reference to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, commonly known as "the Mounties." Unfortunately this does mean that ACAB applies to Mr. Mint.[10]




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