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Candy Land for Adults Roz Chast

Candy Land for Adults by Roz Chast

The board game Candy Land has been parodied in many different forms, some of which are popular enough to worth noting.

It is also common for entertainment aimed at adults to use the title "Candy Land" as a sardonic reference to drug-related or sexual content. While the Candy Land Wiki does not take a moral stance against these works, there are so many it is hard not to see them as hacky and lame. This page is for examples that at least somewhat meaningfully deal with the Candy Land Universe or elements of the board game series.

Board games[]


  • Existential Comics posted a strip titled "Candyland and the Nature of the Absurd" in which a game is played by philosophers Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir, and Jean-Paul Sartre.[1]
  • The Perry Bible Fellowship comic "Colonel Sweeto" imagines a brutal candy king executing a traitor.[2]


  • The vaguely mormon sketch comedy group Studio C did a sketch called "Candyland Character Conference." It focused on the characters meeting to discuss rebranding due to Michelle Obama's child health initiatives.[3]
  • Comedian Brennan Lee Mulligan does an impression of a Candy Land maintenance worker in an episode of 'Game Changer for CollegeHumor.[4]


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