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Candy Land
Train Set

This Train was made by Toy State and lichened under Hasbro. 2 versions were made, Remote control and non.


Each version features the "Candy Train Song" that The Kids sing. It uses the melody of "Ive been working on the railroad" and plays as the Train moves forward and backwards and while static.


*to the tune of Ive been working on the railroad

"Come Aboard this special railroad

the Train to Candy Land.- woo woo-

We must find the good King Kandy

so give The/ Us Kids a hand. -woo woo-

Licorice, candy canes, and gumdrops, lollipops and ice cream too, - woo woo-

This adventure never stops and its fun fo me and you. -woo woo-

Come aboard the train, come aboard the train, come and we'll discover Candy Land. -Woo-

Come aboard the train, come aboard the train, come and board the train today. -woo woo-

Standard version

Set includes track to make an oval. Includes 2 characters and 1 destination, The Kids (Blonde Boy and Blonde Girl) and King Kandys Castle.

3 animated cars that have spaces for the characters.

Bouncing Peppermint engine, Spinning lollypop wagon , and rocking candy cane caboose


Train at Candyland

Standard version








=== Remote Control Version

RC set promo

This set includes everything above (altered Train) and enough pieces to make a figure 8. It includes 3 destinations, 6 characters (including gloppy), and 4 pointed signs.

Features a 5 function remote control shaped like an ice cream cone. Forward, Stop, Reverse, Whistle/Bell, Music/Mute/Chugging.

Features extra Characters of King Kandy, Princess Lolly, Queen/Princess frosting, and a Gloppy destination/ track piece that flips over when the train passes. Peppermint forest Destination works identical to Gloppy. Candy cane pieces "shoot" out of the snowbank when train passes.

Features a new train car, See-Saw Licorice wagon, that has enough space for two characters.


Toy State- Candy Land RC Train Set- Sing Along To The Candy Song!

Candy Land RC